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Message 6 - Love Is a Verb (Sermon Series - Lessons from 1st John)
Message 6 - Love Is a Verb (Sermon Series - Lessons from 1st John)

Message 6 - Love Is a Verb (Sermon Series - Lessons from 1st John)

February 10-11, 2007 | Pastor Chris Brown
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Message Message 6: Love Is a Verb
Sermon Series Lessons from 1st John?
Scripture 1 John 3:11-23
Date February 10-11, 2007
Teaching Pastor Pastor Chris Brown

1 John was written to so that we can tell the difference between a genuine Christian and a bogus Christian. John offers 10 spiritual tests throughout 22 passages to help us tell the difference between a poser and the real deal!

Those who have been genuinely changed by God no longer settle for empty words of love---they know love is a verb. The second love question: Am I meeting a need, or just feeling sorry for people? Pastor Chris teaches how to turn Jesus' command of loving others into an action, and why love will always cost us something.

Note: You can find sermon notes and supplemental study questions tothis sermon series by visiting our sermon archives.

About the Speaker:

Chris Brown serves as one of our senior pastor at North Coast Church and oversees both Student Ministries and the Edge video venue. Chris loves bringing the Bible to life with his gifts as a communicator and storyteller, but most evident in his teaching is his passion for sharing a real and authentic love affair with Jesus.