Babylon - Sermon Series - Set of 8 Messages
Babylon - Sermon Series - Set of 8 Messages

Babylon - Sermon Series - Set of 8 Messages

Complete "Babylon" Sermon Series; Sept 15, 2007 - Nov 3, 2007
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When King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah in 605 B.C., his empire was the greatest in the world. He brought educated, young, male Israelites like Daniel back to Babylon to serve in the king's palace. This series focuses on the lessons we can learn from the life of Daniel in choosing to hold fast to your convictions, rather than conforming to the world.

Complete series of 8 messages is available as audio only (CD) or video (DVD) packaged in a custom binder:

Title Date Speaker
Message 1: Convictions or Conformity? 9/15/2007 Pastor Chris Brown
Message 2: Whose Kingdom Are You Building? 9/22/2007 Pastor Chris Brown
Message 3: Willing to Be Discovered? 9/29/2007 Pastor Chris Brown
Message 4: The High Price of an Untamed Ego 10/6/2007 Dr Larry Osborne
Message 5: What's Written on Your Wall? 10/13/2007 Pastor Chris Brown
Message 6: Grandpa in the Lion's Den 10/20/2007 Pastor Chris Brown
Message 7 - Where Is God When All Hell Breaks Loose? 10/27/2007 Dr Larry Osborne
Message 8: Weird Dreams and Idiotic Speculation 11/3/2007 Dr Larry Osborne

Note: You can find sermon notes and supplemental study questions to this sermon series by visiting our sermon archives.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Larry Osborne has served as senior pastor of North Coast Church since 1980. Along with serving as the primary teaching pastor at North Coast, he speaks around the country to other church leaders and pastors on subjects as diverse as building a contagious congregation, developing a healthy and effective leadership team and sermon-based small group ministries. Pastor Larry has also been a popular and frequent contributor to Leadership, a quarterly professional journal for pastors.
Chris Brown serves as one of our senior pastor at North Coast Church and oversees both Student Ministries and the Edge video venue. Chris loves bringing the Bible to life with his gifts as a communicator and storyteller, but most evident in his teaching is his passion for sharing a real and authentic love affair with Jesus.